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Blind Lawn Bowlers Association


NSW Vision Impaired Blind Bowlers Association Inc.

Secretary, Mrs Betty Redman

Phone:  02 9533 2115  Fax:  02 9533 2829 Email:

Illawarra Blind and Vision Impaired Bowlers

Sundays 12:30 pm at Dapto Bowling Club, 66-72 Marshall Street Dapto. Interested people are invited to join in the fun each Sunday. Contact Charles Williams 02 42620294

Walking and Running
Achilles Running Club Sydney

Achilles Club  hold aided training sessions every Sunday morning at 8:00 am at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Achilles aims to enable people from all walks of life, including those with physical impairments, to enjoy the health giving benefits of walking and running in a supportive, social and encouraging environment. In so doing it hopes to promote personal achievement, to enhance self-esteem and to lower barriers between people

Where To Find Achilles Club

You will find us every Sunday morning, rain, hail or shine, on the steps of the Art Gallery of NSW opposite the Domain at 8:10 am.

We train (walk or run) for an hour, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of some of Sydney's most spectacular parts - the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Opera House, Mrs. Macqauarie's Point.

For those of  you  who have some form of physical disability and want to enjoy the benefits of walking and running, Achilles is for you!  Those of you who are not physically challenged and want to help others enjoy exercise can act as a "guide" for the disabled members in training and in races. You are NOT expected to be an expert in health or fitness or physical disabilities - training is provided. You simply need the desire to help those who are physically less fortunate than yourself.

Gosford Walkers

This walking group is designed for people whoareblind or havelowvision, who areinterested in meeting people and and keeping active.

Whereto find us. Meet in front of Central Coast Leagues Club for a walk along the foreshore of Gosford. The group has a coffee and chat at the Leagues Club after each walk. Saturday mornings meet at 8:45 am for 9:00am start with 10:00am finish. Contact Jacky North phone 024325 3686. email


Is a worldwide organisation . In Australia there are many branches with most of them in New South Wales. The group encourages people of all capabilities to have fun sailing

Sailability NSW will facilitate participation in sailing and boat usage at social, recreational and competitive levels on inland, estuary and ocean water, for people with disabilities regardless of age and level of disability

Their website is

 also at various brances such as 

Blind Cricket - NSW Blind Cricket Association

Blind Cricket NSW fosters, administers and promotes the game of Blind Cricket in NSW.

Refer to the Vision Australia explanation of how the game is played.


The Disabled Surfers Association of Australia

The Disabled Surfers Association was established in 1986 by Gary Blaschke  after a motorcycle accident which he lost his knee cap and underwent extensive rehabilitation.  Gary saw a void that needed to be filled as over the years, many surfers with disabilities have unfortunately, been loners with no one to help them get back into the water. The organisation has branches all over Australia.

Audio described Events

The Ensemble theatre, Drama Theatre, Sydney theatre, and various Museums host audio described events for vision impaired people. Vision Australia lists all upcoming events in NSW on

For Jaws users press f to move to the form:  search events

Disabled Waterski Federation of Australia

Disabled Waterski Federation has branches around Australia and hold regular open days when they invite anyone with any disability including vision impairment to come and try out waterskiing.  In NSW it is NSW Waterski Federation -  Disabled Division based in Murraybridge NSW Refer to their website to ascertain the locations and dates.

NSW Goalball Association

Goalball is a Paralympic sport.  It is the ONLY blind team sport played at the Paralympics.  Goalball is an indoor sport played by the vision impaired. The court has the same dimensions as a volley ball court, with goals like soccer goals, but at chest height (1.3 metres high) that stretch across the full width of the court (9 metres wide).

Each team has up to six players, with three (one Centre and two Wingers) on the court at any one time. There are a maximum of three substitutions during a game , and players can also change at half time. All players are 'blindfolded', to ensure that all residual light is blocked out, visual advantages are eliminated, time-out will be called if the 'blindfolds' become loose or if the referee suspects that they are incorrectly worn. Sighted people are able to play Goalball in local and Australian National competitions but International events are strictly for the vision impaired.

The court is marked with tape that has string beneath it so that players are able to judge their position and to determine their orientation by touch. Once in position the players lunge and slide across the floor, creating a wall of defence. This must be done as quickly and quietly as possible so that the position of ball can be heard and blocked effectively.

The ball itself is a heavy, hollow, 1.25kg rubber ball, larger than a basketball, which contains a bell. The object of the game is to roll the ball down to the other end of the court and past the oppositions' defence and into their goal. Often players will curve and spin the ball in such a way as to make the bells less audible, and therefore making it more difficult for the opposition to hear where the ball is. Many players throw the ball similar to a discus throw action, or a ten pin bowling ball style, and the majority of the throws are hard and fast. There are a number of different ways in which a player can incur a penalty, and when this happens the penalised player must face a free throw from the opposition alone on court.

NSW Association of Disability Sports

The NSW Association of Disability Sports (NSWADS) invites and supports organisations that provide sporting opportunities for people with disabilities in NSW. This initiative is a partnership between NSW Sports Federation and NSW Sport and Recreation.


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Activities for vision impaired in Australia

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For information call our toll-free number:
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