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New and Existing Technology


this is a photo of a Navigator audio book reader for the vision impaired.The Navigator is a portable audio book reader which is similar to an Ipod in size but is much easier to use for Vision Impaired people.

The Navigator was designed in Australia by a man whose elderly mother has Macular Degeneration. The device has only 9 large buttons which are for Power/Pause, Next Book/Previous Book, Next Section/Previous Section, Next Item/ Previous Item, Volume Up/ Volume Down.

The Navigator is turned on and off by holding the bottom button down for a few seconds. To pause this button is pressed once quickly. All other buttons a just pushed quickly to enable the feature wanted. The Volume button is held down until the desired level is achieved. 

The Navigator provides a similar reading experience to the printed word. If you are listening to a newspaper, you can skip between sections, just you like you would with the print version, and then you can hear the headline of the article and either listen to the whole story or skip to the next article. You can also go back if you want to listen again. 

The Navigator has a built in speaker for easy listening or you can use headphones for privacy. 

There are 2 ways to use a Navigator either by asking your local Library, who will download the books and load them for you. If they don’t use the Navigator system, then Lobby them to do so. Or you can purchase a Navigator and download the books yourself. 

This is what I do and it is dead simple.

You send an email, with the 4 digit number for the book as the subject  to and you are sent back a link for the book, this is clicked onto and saved in a file in My Documents. Then you just plug in the Navigator to your computer and click onto the book number from your folder and the book is downloaded to the Navigator. Three or so books can be downloaded to the Navigator at the same time but Vision Impaired People can receive Newspapers and Journals free each day. There is a subscription for the books. This is a very liberating device which holds up to 50 hours of charge for 50 hours of reading which enables you to use it on long plane flights etc.  

The Audio-Read people have thought of everything, the catalogue is Jaws friendly as are all other aspects of ordering a book on line. Broadband is necessary to download books. 

From my personal use over the last couple of years, (I was on the original trial).  I recommend this amazing device not only for the computer literate but also for the elderly, it is so simple to use.

Retina Australia NSW supplies it’s members who have used tapes in the past with the Navigator for our Newsletter, ‘Rods’, plus 3 books to read, these are then returned and the next time Rods is due and different set of books is sent to the member. 

If you want to know more about the Navigator contact or Phone Audio-Read on 0292125535


Looky a portable closed circuit TV for magnified reading.The Looky is an electronic magnifier that offers many benefits over conventional magnifiers. Colour, high contrast and white on black are available at the press of a button.

You  can also capture the image.

The Looky magnifies 8 times, and is helpful to those with low Vision, maintain daily living skills and independence by providing high quality magnified and enhanced view of your mail, newspapers, TV guide, family photo’s,  medication labels and food labels.

 For information and a test drive contact Simon Moore

Aidapt Independence Products  0434149557 

A very useful mobile phone

Would you like a mobile  phone that talks to you, reads text messages, tells you  the name of the person you are trying  to phone,  as you arrow down your contact list and also tells you the number or  letter you are pressing on  your phone?

Then the answer is below:

Nuance accessibility Suite by NOKIA

Today’s mobile phones let you do much more than just placing phone calls or sending short text messages (SMS). They usually have an appointment calendar and  many other features,.

Nokia has developed the Series 60 mobile phones to provide a common groundwork for smart phones that meet such requirements.

Most phones labelled Series 60 can work with the Nuance Accessibility Suite for mobile phones.

To find out which phones the Nuance accessibility Suite supports or where you can buy them, have a look at the Nuance web pages at .

The Nuance Accessibility Suite for Series 60 phones consists of two software modules. TALKS, a screen reader, and ZOOMS, a screen magnifier.  TALKS and ZOOMS enable a blind or vision impaired person to use most of the functions of their phones. With the Accessibility Suite software and a supported Series 60 phone among other things, you can:

  • Dial a number and hear the numbers dialled.

  • Dial a number from the phone’s Contact list directory.

  • Add new entries or edit existing entries in the Contacts directory.

  • Read and write text messages (SMS).

  • Access and message service messages. (MMS

  • Read and write email.

  • Use the Nokia browser to access the internet… and more.

The Nuance Accessibility Suite for 60 uses the ETI Eloquence text-to-speech software, like other screen reading packages, so you should feel familiar with the voice right away.  And the software is easy to operate, so you can concentrate on getting the most out of your Series 60 phone.

Vision Australia can supply you with the software for the phone at a cost of $330.. You can also purchase the phone from vision Australia.

If you purchase your phone elsewhere, Vision Australia will load the program onto it for you if your phone is sent to them at the Melbourne office.  We believe that if the phone is related to a job then it can be subsidised  (see Vision Australia).

Contact Vision Australia for further information on the phones and software. 1800458555 and ask for Vistech.



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