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At this stage we have only a few tips. Your input would be appreciated to increase the number of hints to make life easier for VIP's.  Email us your tips to  To get the ball moving the following are some hints from the website author.

Kitchen Tips

For contrast between plates and breakfast bar use black non slip rubber matting, often used on boats. This comes in rolls  and can be found in most $2 shops. The washable matting is called "Better Homes Magic Gripper".

On line Banking

The author can recommend both Commonwealth Bank and St George as Jaws Friendly.  Give us your recommendations if you find any other banking sites which are VIP friendly.

Washing teeth

Hold the toothbrush between thumb and fore-finger.  Put the toothbrush tip at the first knuckle and then between your fingers squeeze a little toothpaste onto the brush.  Then take the toothbrush to the tap between your fingers to ensure that you have water on the toothbrush.


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