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Vis-ability is a forum for vision impaired people to share their  experiences and tips with others.

Visitors are invited to add their comments and suggestions, which we will add to the Website, by emailing us about their experiences on any of the following topics:

  • New and existing technology.
  • Encouraging stories and helpful tips.
  • Information about activities in NSW which can be enjoyed by the vision impaired.
  • Experiences and recommendations when travelling in Australia and overseas, such as vision impaired friendly hotels and motels.
  • Email us at

To start the ball rolling the authors of this Website have included pages on technology and information that they have found particularly helpful. We realise that this is not a comprehensive resource, nor is it intended to be. Our hope it that this will become a Website where vision impaired people can share information with each other as well as good and bad experiences.

About the Authors

Robyn and Deirdre are both severely affected by Retinitis Pigmentosa and Stargardt's Disease. While they were studying at TAFE on how to use the 'Jaws' screen reader, they moved into Web design and designed the new Website for Retina Australia NSW and saw a need for a public forum to share helpful information on a more personal level.


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