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The Australian Taxation Office and Australian Charities designed a scheme to eliminate hassles, which have traditionally discouraged Australians from ‘digging deep’.

This new initiative gives Australia the most convenient, lowest cost donation system in the world.

This scheme allows employers to arrange auto  payments from employees’ salaries to their nominated charity.  To assist the employer Reconciliation Statements are not required by the Taxation Office.

The system removes the need for receipts because the amount will be printed on the Group Certificate.

Donors are also entitled to an automatic tax deduction - if they give $10.00 to a charity each week then this is taken out pre tax and the employee is taxed on the salary minus the donation therefore paying less tax.  Effectively just $5.00 will be deducted from the employees net take home pay.

Workplace Giving will give Retina Australia NSW  the security of knowing that the money will be kept up to researchers to find a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and to raise awareness of this most debilitating disease.

Why  you should help us?

Retinitis Pigmentosa is the:

  • Leading cause of youth blindness
  • Second only to diabetes as the main cause of blindness in the working age population.
  • RP costs the community 2.5 times as much as other diseases of the Retina such as Macular Degeneration due to the number of years of blindness experienced.

At our National Congress in November 2002 our keynote speaker, Prof. Alan Trounson, world renown stem cell researcher said that he believed human trials may only be 6 years away and that he was going to take ‘Retinal Stem Cell’ research into his laboratory because he believes that a cure can be found.

So please help us to keep the researchers going by donating to Retina Australia through your pay packet.

Whatever you can afford would be most appreciated but if 200 Employees gave $10.00 a week (just over $5.00 from the pay packet) then $104,000.00 could go into research and raising awareness of inherited retinal eye disease.

Imagine being able to say in 6 or so years time:

‘I have been contributing to this amazing breakthrough of giving sight back to the blind’!

We ask you to enlist the help of your employees in this project to assist Retina Australia raise the much needed funds required by our Charity

For further information contact Robyn Richards 99756948


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